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Project Management Life Cycle

Every activity has a life cycle. Project management process also has a life cycle. Following are the major phases of the project management life cycle:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning and design
  3. Execution and construction
  4. Monitor and control
  5. Completion

Let us try to look at each of these phases in details.


It starts with receiving a request to analyse the problem from the customer. The project manager conducts the analysis of the problem and submits and try to determine the feasibility of the project. The analysis is done based on factors like what the problem is, ways of solving the problem, the objectives to be achieved, and the success rate of achieving the goal. The analysis will provide the costs and benefits of the project.

Once the project feasibility is determined, a project proposal is prepared by a group of people including the project manager. This proposal has to contain the strategies adopted to market the project. This marketing could be marketing the project to the top management or if the project is about a product then perhaps the marketing is to the potential customers.

Planning and design

In this phase the project is analysed in more details so that the System design specification, Program functional specification, Program design specification and Project plan can be created. The output of this phase is a project charter that would include costs, tasks, deliverables, schedule and scope of the project.

Execution and construction

This phase mainly deals with the processes that are needed to complete the work defined in the project plan to accomplish the project’s requirements. During this phase, the project team works under the guidance of the project manager. Project manager direct and manage project execution. It is the project managers responsibility to manage the customer and make sure that the project is on schedule and there is no scope creep in the project.

Monitor and control

In this phase the progress of the project and the quality of the deliverables in closely monitored. If the quality of the deliverables is not per the standards, then the corrective actions should be taken to improve them. The project manager also monitors various project variables like cost, effort and scope. He will identify the issues in these areas and take corrective actions.


After delivery or completion of the project, the project manager has to do a contract closure(make sure all the contracts are closed) and project closure(all the project activities are closed). Once the project is over, the staff’s performance has to be evaluated. In this phase, the project manager also takes care of documenting the lessons learnt from the project, Analyzing various feedback, preparing project execution report and analyzing the project execution and the problems encountered during the project.


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