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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Project Scoping – Let’s try to do it right this time

The main purpose of project scoping is to:

  • Identify the areas of the project work.
  • Forces affecting the project.
  • Define the boundaries of the project.

So basically scope defines all the items, features and functions that the project team is trying to Read more of this post


Introduction to Project Planning and Project Scoping

Every organization is constantly growing. On top of that they aspire to grow even faster. But to sustain growth and further increase the growth rate, it is essential to have an effective growth plan in place. The only way to prepare a proper plans is by ensuring that the manager involved has sufficient knowledge about the various projects in the organization and the processes involved in these projects. On the same lines, every project plan need to be made meticulously in order to ensure the project success and the projects contribution to the organization growth. Read more of this post

Project Management Life Cycle

Every activity has a life cycle. Project management process also has a life cycle. Following are the major phases of the project management life cycle:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning and design
  3. Execution and construction
  4. Monitor and control
  5. Completion

Let us try to look at each of these phases in details. Read more of this post

Introduction to Project Management Processes and Process Groups

A process is a series of activities carried out in an order to achieve the desired results. A project process is a series of activities needed to achieve the project target. Project processes can be classified into two main categories:

  • Project management process: These are defined by the performing organizations and it mainly describes and organizes the work of a project.
  • Product oriented process: These are defined by the life cycle of the product. It mainly specifies and creates products and related work.

Read more of this post

Introduction to Project Management Knowledge Areas

There are various techniques needed to manage a project. These techniques are more like practical methodologies used in formulating a project and managing the project resources. Use of the techniques greatly affects the project outcome. These techniques are known as Project Management Knowledge Areas. Read more of this post