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Project Management Philosophy and Value Addition

Before looking into the details of project management let us also look at philosophy behind having project management. To understand that let us start by looking at various characteristics of a project.

Characteristics of a Project

  • A Project is a non-routine work bringing about a beneficial change.
  • A Project is guided by at least one well-engaged sponsor who has both adequate authorities and resources to charter the project effort.
  • A Project has a well defined start date and end date.
  • A project might need a multi-disciplinary team brought together to get it completed.
  • A project has a well defined scope of work.
  • A Project is constrained by cost, time and quality.

Reasons of project Failure

Now that we know the characteristics of a project. Let us see why do projects fail? Because once we know the major reasons for a porject failure, we will be in a better position to understand the benefits and implement project management in a better way.

  • Projects being initiated at random at all levels
  • Project objective not in line with business objective
  • Non-dedicated team
  • Lack of complete support from clients
  • Ineffective and erroneous scoping, planning, estimation, execution, controls and reviews, and closure
  • Failure in communication and managing expectations effectively with clients, team members and stake holders
  • No prioritization of project activity from an organisational position

Project parameters for negotiation

Now that we know that are the major characteristics of a Project and what are the major reasons for the project failure, we can come up with the parameters that can be negiotiated during the course of project. This negotiation is needed to ensure the success of a project. Following are the parameters that a team negotiates for during the course of a project:

  • Scope, cost and schedule objectives
  • Changes to scope, cost or schedules
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Resources

Project Management “Value Add”

One may argue that a project could get completed without having project management practices. But often such projects observes Over stressed teams, Wasted resources, Unmet customer functional requirements and/or Overshot budget.

A good project management methodology try to ensure the project success without these problems. Project management practices provides guidelines for the execution of the project. Having project management practices in place greatly increases the chances of the project success and therefore provides value to the project.

The following are some of the steps of a good project management.

  • Define the project
  • Reduce it to a set of manageable tasks
  • Obtain appropriate and necessary resources
  • Build a team to perform the project work
  • Plan the work and allocate the resources to the tasks
  • Monitor and control the work
  • Report progress to senior management and/or the project sponsor
  • Close down the project when completed
  • Review it to ensure that the lessons are learnt and widely understood

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