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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Understanding Project Management Dimensions

Good project management practices endures that these five key dimensions are managed properly

  1. Features
  2. Quality
  3. Cost
  4. Schedule
  5. Staff

These dimensions are independent of one another. For each project, we need to Read more of this post


Project Management Philosophy and Value Addition

Before looking into the details of project management let us also look at philosophy behind having project management. To understand that let us start by looking at various characteristics of a project. Read more of this post

Introduction to Project Management

imagesWhen I was working as a junior software developer, I was under the impression that project management and project manager are futile. Obviously, I was way to naive to understand the gravity of things and get a holistic view of things. With time, I understood the importance of successful project executions and the significant part of project management and project manager in a successful project.

So let us assume that this blog is being read by someone who is trying to understand the Project Management. Read more of this post

Hello World (of Project Management)

project-management-2Some days back, I saw an advertisement on T.V. that said “Even the smallest business can go multinational” This is rather a very true statement. Specially in the Software sector where small companies can get big projects from multinational clients. In other sectors also, we have seen an unprecedented growth in the past few years.

Any business, small or big, wanting to effectively manage the work and projects in a proper manner needs proper and effective Project Management. Hence efficient and effective project managers have become the need of the hour. More and more companies across the globe are adopting the practices of managing projects and looking out for skilled managers and practitioners.

The idea behind starting this blog is to talk, share and discuss various topics on the development, maintenance, evaluation, promotion and administration of projects. We will try to understand the concepts in project management and prepare ourselves to handle projects. We will try to understand the concepts by following a more practical approach. so that we should be able to understand the application of and processes involved in project management.

First we will try to look at Project Management from a more generic perspective i.e. globally recognized best practices involved in Project Management. The project management best practices are very useful for managing projects of any size and type. These best practices are applicable in virtually all the domains of business. From my next blog, I will start putting my thoughts about the key aspects, definition and basics of project management.